Jeff's Big Trek

Jeff looked at his plane ticket and frowned. Another trip to Oil City. His itineraries varied little – Tulsa, Dallas, Houston. Working for Big Oil had its compensations, mainly financial, but his travel schedule was not one of them. Staying in cut-rate motels near the oil fields, eating at joints where the gourmet fare was iceberg lettuce and some brand-name pizza…this was not the life he had dreamed of as a promising young man with a travel Jones. He felt like a loser at life. His marriage was shot, his job was boring. He sighed as he shuffled along through the security line.

Rose's Day

She never saw it coming. The day had begun in the most ordinary way. She, wrapped in her favorite chenille robe, was reading the Times on her laptop. He, already dressed in business casual, tapped out an email on his Blackberry as he sipped the coffee in his to-go mug. A dog barked in the distance. Something was nagging at a corner of her mind. Something she had to do. The wind was whistling around the corners of buildings as she walked the two blocks from the BART station to her office.