1. What ideas do you have for an upcoming novel in the series?
  2. Have you ever thought that mayhem was possible in your organization?
  3. Have you ever wondered whether an internal conflict might end in tears – or worse?
  4. Have you ever imagined yourself as a corporate detective?
  5. Have you ever wished you could write a tell-all novel about your clients?
  6. Well, now you can! Well…sort of. Of course, confidentiality is a core value for internal organizational consultants, but…

Change the names, company, city, even the time, and post a paragraph about your experiences. Be mysterious and use a pseudonym if you prefer. Or start your paragraph with “What if…” and share something you have imagined going on behind the scenes. If you don’t want it to be published on the site, just say so. I can’t promise to use all of your ideas, but some of them may show up in altered form in an upcoming book in the series.

When Bev Scott and I wrote our book, Consulting on the Inside (Second Edition), we received many wonderful contributions from friends and colleagues that we were able to share.

Here’s a chance to do the same with the products of your experience and imagination, just for fun.